Roos Nieboer

So You Don't Get Lost in the neighbourhood #19
A firm and friendly handshake
How do you throw a brick through the window of a bank?
In velden of wegen, hij is in geen velden of wegen te bekennen
It is all going very well, no problem at all
Nothing better than not to be seen in a crowd
A life and a living
To Vargen
A space to call home
A special event with light
How to conquer space
Upcoming/recent shows and projects:

online project 4/5/2020- 4/7/2020

‘Scores’ inviting direct participation. Would you make a pause, and experience this score by doing it?
BATS, a project in which the practices of the individuals unite as a social collaborative gesture, aiming to make art a more vital part of life.

This is ‘Being together-along scores’, an art initiative taking place in the context of the Kunstpodium T program, based in The Netherlands.
Instagram: being.alone.together.scores

CANCELLED Moongoose - group exhibition - 26/03/2020

What’s the taste of dinosaurs? - a performance together with Oonagh Haines at festival l’aout et l’anes, in Brouckerque, France

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